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Food for the Christ Centered Marriage

  1). Never raise your voice at your husband for any reason; it's a sign of disrespect. (Prov 15:1; A soft answer turns away wrath)   2).Don't expose your husband's weaknesses to your family and friends. It will bounce back at you. You are each others' keeper. (Eph 5:12; For it is a shame to speak of those things that are done of them in secret)   3).Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them. Defensive women ...


Post Abortion Stress Syndrome

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome or PASS is a series of intense emotions and side effects many women experience following an abortion.  Though not officially recognized by the medical community, many women report going through one or all of the following. -       Tendency towards self-harm, strong suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts -       Depression -       Increase in dangerous or unhealthy activities such as alcohol/drug use, eating disorders, cutting, risky sex, etc.) -       Desire to immediately get pregnant to “replace” the baby -       Inability to perform normal self-care and function normally at work or school -       Inability to relate normally to children or to take care of any existing ...


Domestic Abuse

On any given night, 3,300 women are staying in shelters across Canada in order to escape domestic abuse. This number from Statistics Canada paints a frightening picture. It’s important to understand that domestic abuse is not only wrong it is against the law.   Abuse includes: - physical abuse: slapping, chocking, punching, hitting, shoving, grabbing, threatening with weapons and more - sexual abuse: using threats, manipulation, force or intimidation to force unwanted sexual acts - emotional or verbal abuse: threatening to kill her, the children, other family members, threatening to commit suicide, making humiliating or degrading comments ...


New West nightclub to rename ‘Pimps & Hos Party’

We would like to make a public announcement that in no way was it our intention to stop the "Pimp n Ho" party held by Status Night Club owned by Savereo Loria.   Savereo has been a personal friend of mine for years. When a "Pimp n Ho" Party announcement showed up on my news feed, I contacted Severeo, to educate him of the true meaning behind the name "Pimp n Ho". I explained to him that many women die at the hands of pimps daily and that our organization rescues women whom are beaten, exploited and sometimes murdered at ...


Please go to the link below and see all the info you need to know about fraud Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation. <br>