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Tania Fiolleau Speaker, TV Talk Show Host on Joy TV 10, Founder of Save The Women Ministry International, International Speaker, Former Madam

Tania Fiolleau

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Tania Fiolleau

Tania Fiolleau –
Ordained Pastor, Author, International Speaker on women’s issues.


Pastor Tania Fiolleau of “Sisters Rising” women only church is internationally and dually ordained, preaching the gospel to audiences abroad empowering women in Christ to rise up and take a stand for Jesus. She specializes in ministering to women in need, but also ministers to men in prisons and involved in gang life.

Fiolleau founded Save the Women International in 2009 and is a TV Talk show host on Joy TV Network.

She is known for being an outspoken activist against human trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence and women’s issues.

Her passion for helping women in need comes from her past as a Madam and a prostituted woman herself.

In 1996, she divorced her husband, who had been abusing her. He subsequently fought with her for the next five years for custody of their son. She applied for legal aid, was rejected, and began staying at a women’s shelter with her children.

In order to finance her fight to retain custody, Fiolleau responded to a vague classified advertisement and unintentionally entered the sex industry.

Eventually, she ran four Vancouver brothels and had hundreds or women working under her. She later said, “I do apologize publicly for exploiting these women. I was exploited myself.”

Fiolleau is from VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanada and wrote Souled Out, which was based on the story of her life.

A second edition of the book was published and an American film adaptation is planned.

In 2011, she joined Tara Teng, who was Miss Canada at the time, for the Ignite the Road to Justice tour, which travelled to 10 Canadian cities raising awareness about human trafficking.

Tania is available to perform marriages, baptisms and to officiate funerals. To hire Tania for these services, please contact her.

Tania is now the Pastor of Sisters Rising Church, a women’s only church where they can feel safe. Sisters Rising specialises in happiness, hope, deliverance, inner healing and discipleship. It is a place that welcomes women from all walks of life and one where they can feel safe and empower one another in Christ. Women feel more open and able to share in a women’s only setting. The opportunity is then available for those whom have experienced similar situations to share what they have learned and how The Lord has helped them through those difficult times. Mentoring relationships may naturally grow from these encounters.

Benefits of women’s ministry:

– Women recieve women to women understanding and lay counciling
– Older women mentor younger women
– Entire families are effected as women are drawn closer to The Lord
– Women get help to fight spiritual battles
– When women feel “safe” in nurturing groups, women will begin opening up about their struggles and worries.
-Women who are studying Gods word and praying together develop a close bond, experience a sense of belonging, and have a support system with their Christian sisters.

Tania is also a Certified Pastoral Crisis Councilor, which means she is trained in utilizing critical thinking skills in assessing the dynamics of a crisis. She has been taught to understand the difference in human nature during and after a crisis situation and reacts as a faith-based crisis responder to people in shell shock situations such as gang rape, sexual and physical attack, war, natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

Fiolleau is currently working her doctorate degree.

International ambassador for Christ assisting in helping women break free of a life of turmoil, loss of hope and bondage finding love and redemption in Jesus Christ.


Nina the Madam

I am here today – out of the industry, with God’s help and a walking testimony of HIS amazing grace – to share some statistics for prostitution simply because this is the truth. If we don’t realize that there is a problem…then how can we begin to solve it? Obviously to solve it will take the combined work of organizations, funding, and people that really care about our children’s future. Below this paragraph lies the devastation that these women and men face….but also a gateway to the answer. I am just here to shine the light into the darkness.

It is a sick world, full of broken dreams and empty promises, battered, shattered, sexually abused women, men and children. And it needs to stop! The sex industry is destroying our families, it is causing alarming divorce rates, teen pregnancies, STDs-AIDS, drug usage, not to mention altered views of what sex really means!


Ordained Pastor, Author, International Speaker on women’s issues.

With God’s tangible help, her faithful devotion to the Lord has guided her path through child and spousal abuse, prostitution and endless turmoil until the day she restored her faith in God. She is now an International Advocate speaking about women’s issues abroad while spreading the gospel. Pastor Tania is a National TV Talk Show host producing her own TV show all the while being featured on various international TV & Radio Talk Shows and made headline news around the world.
Tania shares her story on how she beat the odds. She authored “Souled Out!” a book of an account of her life in prostitution. Tania is now an International Advocate & Public Speaker around the globe to women, encouraging and empowering them in Jesus Christ through the power of her testimony and experience leading many women to salvation.
“We must ‘rise up’ together globally . . . since we have no choice in the matter of saving someone’s life. We need to unite and change the laws, making stiffer penalties for the ones victimizing these women and children, but we must also intercede and pray for the abusers as well to come to know Jesus”.
Thank you for taking the time to read this…by you reading this we have all shed “light” on the darkness of the abuse that women and children suffer in this world today.
Be part of my campaign to help educate, inform, motivate and empower women from all walks to ‘rise up’ in unity with all women abroad. Souls are hanging in the balance. If we can just save even one then life it was all worth it. There’s a better life – I’ve found it – you can too!


Tania Fiolleau,

Ordained Pastor, Author, International Speaker on women’s issues.
TV Talk Show Host on Joy TV 10
Founder of Save The Women Ministry International
Former Madam



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